Folding Doors

They’re the designer’s product of choice. Bi-fold doors are popular because they allow the maximum levels of light to enter buildings, whilst offering privacy when needed. Because of their solid construction and ease of use, bi-folding sliding doors are ideal for both homes an businesses that want the option of enjoying a greater feeling of light and that want to turn the outside space into another usable room.

Built to fold and stack neatly to one or both sides of an aperture when open, bi-fold doors allow people to move freely from inside to outside or from one room to another. Sliding patio and French doors can be impractical in more confined spaces, like opening out onto a balcony or patio: bi-fold patio doors, however, fold away neatly and do not interfere with access. With a low threshold folding patio doors can be an ideal solution for wheelchair users and the disabled in need of wider access and a minimal step.

Folding doors are perfect for closets, laundry rooms and other areas where space is a premium. They also work well for larger areas that need to be opened up for entertaining. Choose from various configurations that can open from the left, right or center.

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