Hinged Doors

The standard hinged door is as basic as doors come. This is what everyone thinks of when you say the word ‘door’. A hinged door typically consists of either a solid wooden panel door or hollow-cored door affixed to a door jamb with two or more hinges. Additional hinges are generally required to support taller doors, and stronger, sturdier hinges are required for heavier doors.

The door may have a knob or lever entry and be lockable or may simply be pushed or pulled open, depending on where it's installed and for what purpose. Self-closing door mechanisms are sometimes found attached to this type of door.

Hinged patio doors (French Doors) are available as inswing or outswing models with optional sidelights and transom windows. Choose from a variety of product lines and options.

  • Energy Efficient
  • Multipoint locking system that seals the doors tight at the top, center and bottom
  • Available in one, two and three-panel configurations

We have too many options to list. Please call Window and Door Specialties now for your free consultation. We sell more hinged doors than any other type and our experts are ready to consult you on the perfect doors for your project.

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