Clearview Screens

As a homeowner, you realize the importance of preserving the design of a home and you hate to substitute that design with practicality. The beauty of a home should not be compromised. Conventional insect screens are an example of how the design and integrity of a home is compromised by the desire for fresh air, cool breezes and a bug free environment. Often looking tacky and cheap, conventional screens negatively impact a home's appearance by changing the home's facade and blocking the scenic views from inside the home. They are easily avoided by choosing a Clear View Retractable Screen.

At Clear View, every Retractable Screen is custom manufactured to fit precisely into the opening you need to screen. Whether it be a sliding door, a double French door, a single door or a window, the Clear View Retractable Screen will have you covered when you need it and then smoothly and safely glide away and disappear when you don't.

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