Sun Tunnels

Any good interior designer will tell you the key to making a room appear larger is not just a case of using light décor and minimalist furniture; you need to let in plenty of natural light too.

A sun tunnel will do just this by transporting daylight from your roof into even the darkest of spaces. Plus, depending on the type of sun tunnel, you’ll be spoiled with not only natural light but also a nice fresh airflow.

So, not only will installing a sun tunnel provide your dark room with both natural light and airflow, it is the most affordable way to put sunshine in your home. There’s no need (at least in the daytime) to have any electric lights on.

The great thing about sun tunnels is they can be installed to benefit any space in your home (as long as the tube will have access to your roof space). If you’d like to allow more light into a dark area such as a stairway or hallway, you can do so with a sun tunnel. They’re also great for laundry rooms, bathrooms and kitchens.

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