The dining room is now a bright, jazzy color. The new lighting fixtures were just the right find for that final touch to make it feel fresh and airy. But windows? Those are something else entirely! There’s so much information out there about what kind of window you should get; which material they’re made from (vinyl, wood); their size or number in width/height ratio etc…It can be tough when everyone has such strong opinions on what’s best but don’t worry- we’re here with simple advice 😉

double hung window


Double hung windows open from the top and bottom. It’s a great way to get cross ventilation on those Carolina spring days — the crepe myrtle is blooming, birds are singing, you want to wait turn on A/C. If have kids these are smart choice for second floor: can get breeze not worry about kids pushing screens out fall down!


Casement windows are perfect for people who want a custom look or appreciate an old-fashioned approach. And because you can open them just like doors, they’re fantastic if your living space is on the first floor and it’s hard to reach second story windows from inside.

Casement windows with their vertical orientation let in plenty of light – perfect for homes where large expanses of glass were once common, such as Victorian period houses; designed similarly to how car window slides back so easily when opened by hand while slider casements keep everything simple with its sliding motion.

bow window


Bay and bow windows are the perfect excuse to show off your property. They’re an upgrade that will give you great light and let you see views of outside from inside, so they’re a nice touch for any home.  We have installed hundreds of bay and bow windows to our customers in WNC!


One of the best investments anyone can make is in a home. The saying “you get what you pay for” holds true, but it isn’t always easy to know which way this goes without some research first. Do your homework and ask around before making any decisions—most Western North Carolinians will say Window and Door Specialties has their vote!

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