There is a decision that has been vexing homeowners for years- should you fix the door or get rid of it? The answer to this question may depend on three factors. First, are there any serious problems with your entry door such as drafts and leaks which can be fixed easily by weather stripping and caulk? If not then the next thing to consider is whether it’s just cosmetic–meaning could you make an easy trip out to a home improvement store for something like paint or new hardware?

At Window and Door Specialties, we offer a full range of entry doors to upgrade your home’s curb appeal and meet any need! Choose between fiberglass or steel doors in any style or color to suit your needs. To make it even easier for you, each door can be customized with decorative glass options to give that final touch of elegance and beauty that screams “I’m the perfect homeowner!”

Who doesn’t want their home to be as comfortable and energy efficient as possible? If you are having trouble with drafts coming in through your current entry doors, consider upgrading to a fiberglass or steel door. All our products have an airtight seal that virtually eliminates drafts, so you can enjoy the comfort of your home no matter what season it is.

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