We all remember that spring is the time for cleaning, but it can be easy to forget that the fall is when it becomes necessary to maintain your home. The reason for this, of course, is that the onset of fall means that winter is on its way and everyone wants to be sure that their home is safe and warm through the coldest months.

The autumn months are upon us, and the time has come for every property owner to consider the condition of their windows. Suppose you’re worried about whether your windows are getting older, look damaged or aren’t performing well in general. In that case, the most essential care to your home that you can do right now may be to perform maintenance by replacing your current installation with a fresh, new option.

Here are five reasons that you should replace your windows this fall, which you should double-check before the weather changes and the cold months arrive:

1)     Protect the Value of Your Property

One of the most common mistakes that homeowners make in allowing the value of their investment to lapse is that they wait too long to take care of the general maintenance requirements of their home.

2)     Boost Resale Value

Alternatively, you may want to replace windows that are in fine condition to increase your home’s aesthetic appeal or boost your home’s value with better-quality windows than you currently own. 

3)     Improve Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

Another way to get more value out of your windows is to consider more energy-efficient options. As in the case of lighting and appliances, you can vastly decrease the amount of energy that your home consumes day-to-day by opting to install energy-efficient windows.

Since an energy efficient window replacement will increase the value of your home while also lowering your utility bills, there isn’t a wrong time to have them installed. Of course, another benefit is that you’ll be contributing to the earth’s health by cutting down on greenhouse gas emissions caused by coal and oil power generating plants.

4)     The Benefits of a Professional Installation

At Window and Door Specialties, we have first-hand experience helping people with problems that arise when windows are improperly installed. Windows that are not insulated correctly pose a particularly damaging problem during the winter because air drafts on a cold night can keep you from sleeping soundly and will increase your power bill payments dramatically.

A few other problems that can arise with a poor installation include

  • Unsightly aesthetics of crooked placement
  • Windows do not function correctly
  • Mould appears where moisture gets inside
  • Wood rot
  • You end up paying the cost of replacement

If you’re currently experiencing any of these issues, then be sure to look into professional window installation services before the winter months exacerbate the problem.

5)     Window Condensation

While condensation is a problem that commonly arises due to an improper installation, it creates such a glaring and unsightly stain on your home that it deserves mentioning. If your view of the outside world fills up with condensation that you can’t wipe away, you may have a dramatic issue at hand that can only be fixed with a replacement.

People are sometimes hopeful that the condensation that builds up in windows will disappear, but the nature of the cause of this problem is that this is rarely the case; condensation buildup often gets trapped within panes of glass. If you have already taken steps to decrease your home’s humidity in relation to the outside temperature, it may be time to replace your windows.

With this many reasons to replace your windows this fall, you’ll want to get started right away. Get in touch with us here at Window and Door Specialties right away to learn more about the options in window upgrades and installation that we have available.

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