Entry doors are one of the most important features on any home. They need to be both beautiful and strong, because they’re what protect us from intruders who might want access into your house or business! Steel entry doors can provide excellent protection without sacrificing style – which is why we recommend them as an option for all types of properties: residential homes and businesses looking for additional security. The best part about these sturdy structures? They’re incredibly strong!



Entry doors can either make or break your home’s curb appeal. If you have an old, worn out front door it will stick out like a sore thumb and lower the value of your house considerably! One way to fix this problem is with steel front/entry doors that come in many different styles for any style home- they’re sleek & clean looking as well as durable enough not only last longer but also increase its desirability by giving off more curb appeal than other materials would provide without sacrificing function at all.


Steel doors are the most durable option for your home. They won’t crack, warp or rot like other materials and can withstand heavy traffic compared to other types of entryways on a house! The best steel front door is from Window & Door Specialties with 20-26 gauge steel that will never show wear as long as you take good care of it over time – they’re perfect in every way imaginable so stop looking now if this sounds right up your alley!

It’s important not just what type but also how thickly welded together these pieces have been created because thinner wall thicknesses mean greater potential stress points throughout each individual strip which makes them more susceptible too BREAKING UNDER HEAVY LOAD OR IMPACT.


Energy efficiency is one of, if not the most important factor when looking at exterior doors. If your entry door doesn’t make use energy efficient materials and processes then you’ll be faced with constant headaches as an owner because these factors will cost more on monthly utility bills thanks to how much heat or cold gets let into your home each day! A steel door has never been better for cutting down heating/cooling costs.


Steel entry doors are extremely durable which also makes them very strong. What comes with strength? Security!
A steel front door will give you the peace of mind knowing your home is well protected from intruders trying to break in through its entrance way – whether it be thieves or vandals looking for something valuable inside; these dangerous individuals don’t want anything other than trouble so make sure they never find it inside your home!


Steel entry doors are the way to go if you don’t want to worry about having a dirty or damaged front door. Other materials, such as wood require routine maintenance-time and money that could be spent on something more important!
Maintaining an exterior steel surface requires much less effort than other options because they are designed not only to withstand weathering but also remain intact throughout all of it; saving homeowners from endless painting jobs.


Steel entry doors are a great investment that offer many benefits. They’re less expensive than wood and you won’t have to care for them year after year, which saves time in your busy schedule! Our stylish metal doors also come equipped with an array of energy-efficient features such as tinted windows so they can keep up with today’s changing needs while still looking good on the outside too – no more replacing old deadbolt locks when new technology is right aroundthe corner!. The list goeson: This little package contains everything needed from sturdy construction through modern design without compromising style points.

Window and Door Specialties not only carries entry doors but also patio doors and commercial doors as well. Contact Window and Door Specialties in Hendersonville/Asheville, Fayetteville, Charlotte, or Myrtle Beach to discuss our beautiful entry door options!

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