Do you know what Santa really wants for Christmas this year? I mean, the jolly fat man spends all his time getting together gifts other people want without ever complaining about wanting something himself. Well, our North Pole insider (known as Dancer) has revealed that Santa’s wish list includes these very items:


At the top of Santa’s wish list are triple pane windows. Why triple pane? Triple pane windows are an excellent way to keep his home at the North Pole nice and warm warm. They also help with soundproofing which helps keep the noise down coming from the reindeer playing reindeer games (sorry Rudolph). These windows have three panes of glass all separated by spacers that help them stay in place so he won’t hear any creaking or popping noises when outside noise gets too loud for comfort!

front door


The constant coming and going of the elves over the years have taken it’s toll on Santa’s front door so he would like it replaced. When you replace your front door, the possibilities are endless. You can choose from many material types that will help make a warm welcome into your home with their own set of benefits such as naturally energy-efficient panels or low maintenance frames.

The most important thing is finding something perfect in terms of size and color because otherwise everything else might seem imperfect when compared against what’s already there. Window and Door Specialties carries a complete line of entry doors from the nation’s largest manufacturers.


Santa Claus is world-renowned for his generosity, but even he has to draw the line at painting. Santa’s house will be getting some new siding this year as a result of his hatred towards all things relating to paint! You see, never having to paint your house again is just one of the many benefits of new siding.

Other benefits include:

  • Dramatic improvement in home appearance.
  • Real increase in home value.
  • Amazing energy efficience improvement. (Santa’s heating bill is VERY, VERY high!)
  • Find and catch problems before they become worse.

The great news is that all of the gifts on Santa’s list can be found at Window and Door Specialties. We’ve been making dreams come true for decades. Contact your nearest Window and Door Specialties location today in Asheville/Hendersonville, Charlotte, Fayetteville, or Myrtle Beach today. A new location at the North Pole may be coming next year!

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