Can I Finance My Home Improvement Project?

Window Financing for The Carolina’s

Homeowners sometimes don’t realize the number of different ways there are to pay for a window replacement project.

Financing is a terrific way to make an investment in your home in a very budget-friendly way.

Here’s a guide to some of the different ways to pay for placement windows. One option you have is to apply for financing directly with the lender of your choice, without going through a window company.

For example, you could apply for a home-equity line of credit. Your bank lender may be willing to provide a revolving credit line to pay for improving your home.

The nice thing about a home-equity credit line is that once you pay off the loan, the available credit you were originally given is once again fully available to you. Then if you want to use this revolving credit for something else, approval is already in place.

While these loans can be a good choice, just be aware that in order to qualify, the amount of money you owe on your home must be less than the value.

And just like with any kind of loan, employment history, monthly income, credit scores and other debts will all be a part of the lender’s calculation. Some homeowners choose to pay for replacement windows with cash, which is a great option if your savings allows for it.

The final option is to apply for financing through the window company you choose. In many ways, this is the simplest and best choice for many homeowners.

If you’d like to get a free quote on replacement windows and hear more about financing, you can schedule a free consultation by contacting Window & Door Specialties.

Many ways to finance your home improvement project.

If you want to finance through Window & Door Specialties, here are a few things to think about:

  • Does the window company you’re considering make it fast and easy to apply? YES WE DO
  • The next thing to find out is how long the window company has been in business. OVER 25 YEARS!
  • Also, see how willing a window replacement company is to provide you financing options. If they seem to discourage it or make you feel like you’re asking for a special favor, consider going elsewhere. Reputable companies will want to work with you to help you get your window replacement done.

Window & Door Specialties is happy to help with financing if you want to explore that option. Contact us for a free consultation & quote.

Two final things to know about financing your window project.

· Perfect credit is not mandatory; a decent credit rating is almost always enough to get you a reasonable monthly payment.

· Applying for window replacement financing should not be a long process at all. Approval times now are very fast, and financing should not slow up getting your new windows.

We offer home improvement financing for your projects!

If you are looking to replace your windows, the right financing can be the key to making it much more budget. Have specific questions about your window replacement project in The Carolina’s? Contact Us – we’ll be happy to give you the information you need. We have locations in Charlotte, Fayetteville, Hendersonville, Myrtle Beach, Raleigh & Southern Pines.

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