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We carry and install all types of patio doors for your home

Patio doors offer a beautiful way to go to your patio.  They come in many styles so speak with us about which patio door is right for you.  

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These doors are a practical design feature that also adds a wonderful complement to the look of your home. Lots of home elements force you to choose either function or style. Patio doors can always deliver both. 

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Still Have Questions?

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One of the biggest questions we get is which is better between sliding patio doors and French patio doors. Sliding patio doors are the kind you’re probably more accustomed to seeing, whereas French patio doors more closely resemble front doors and come in many different styles. Each style of door is best suited to a specific type of home.  Call and speak to our patio door professionals who can help you decide which is best for your home.

Every year the winter seems to get colder, and every year the cost of keeping your home warm goes up. Energy efficient patio doors can lead to significant savings on your electricity bill while also keeping your home comfortable. Window and Door Specialties can tell you about the steps each manufacturer takes to make sure all their products are energy efficient. eyour patio doors.

Yes.  Pick a patio door with dual-locking hardware, and consider purchasing a security bar if you have a sliding glass door. Glass doors can defend your home against unwanted visitors, but they’re still exploitable.  Talk to us about ways to make your patio doors highly secure.


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